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01 - Introduction

Starting the Tutorial...

To whom is this JavaScript Tutorial targeted?

To everybody that doesn't know anything about JavaScript, but have a basic knowledge of HTML

What is JavaScript?

It's a language mainly used to help in the development of Internet pages.

Is JavaScript the same thing as Java?

No, JavaScript is more simple than Java. Learning JavaScript is the best start if you want to learn Java, C/C++, PHP, because the sintax (way to write the language) is similar.

What can I do with JavaScript?

You can make your pages more "intelligent", with addicional features like: buttons that change when you pass your mouse cursor over, show the current time, verify if a form is filled correctly, and much more! JavaScript can save you the times you less expect, because the possibilities of utilization are infinite. I only don't guarantee that it will solve the world hunger problem ;).

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